Health Professions Evaluation Profile Questions (Spring 2024 for applications beginning May 2024)

These are the questions you will submit through a Qualtrics Form, but you can begin contemplating your answers at your convenience. You will be prompted to upload your resume and photo at the end of the Qualtrics From form (which will go live in January). Submit your responses between Jan 8 – Feb 16, 2024.

  1. List education level and occupation of parents or guardians, sibling information, and any defining circumstances or challenges faced growing up.
  2. List name, location and type of high school attended (public or private). Include high school awards/honors, activities, research, volunteer/community service, paid employment. Provide brief descriptions of activities that are not self-explanatory.
  3. Explain reasons for choosing your Yale College major(s), academic load, reference to grade trend, bad semester (if applicable), independent work, detailed explanation of any time off before or during college, awards/fellowships received for academic achievement.
  4. Provide a general summary of your research experience (basic science, clinical, and/or non-science). Include your level of engagement and what you learned. Your description should read in a way laypeople can understand. List awards/fellowships received for college research.
  5. List examples of direct patient clinical exposure to medicine or healthcare, including time spent volunteering and other activities, such as possibly shadowing (in-person or virtual); highlight your role and what you learned from the experience.
  6. Describe your engagement and ways you have been of service to others in the community, both at Yale and elsewhere during college. Provide a brief explanation of activity and what you learned from it.
  7. List activities, and brief descriptions, you are engaged with on or off campus – including, but not limited to, organized sports, music groups, student government, paid employment, summer experiences, etc.
  8. What would you describe as your most important non-academic strength(s)? What do you consider your needed area(s) of improvement?
  9. Think about a time you experienced a setback or significant challenge. What was that like? How did you navigate the challenge?
  10. How do you feel you have changed/grown since entering college?
  11. Describe your reasons for wanting to enter the health professions in addition to, “I like science and want to help people.” Were there particular experiences that informed your decision to pursue a health profession?
  12. How would you describe professionalism? Why is it important in the field of health and medicine? Provide an example of when you felt you utilized professionalism in practice.
  13. Admissions committees use a holistic approach to evaluate a wide range of student qualities and life experiences that are complementary to demonstrated academic achievements.  What characteristics make you different/unique from other applicants? Consider competencies valued by admissions committees including topics such as service orientation, social skills, cultural competency, teamwork, communication skills, resiliency, ethical responsibility (to self and others), and capacity for improvement.
  14. Describe a situation where you had to overcome adversity; include lessons learned and how you think it will affect your career as a future physician.
  15. If you are a senior or alum, what are your plans for the time prior to your expected matriculation and/or what have you been doing since graduation from Yale?
  16. If you are unable to enter the health care professions for any reason, what other types of jobs or professions would you consider as viable alternatives?
  17. Is there any additional information you’d like to share, or feel is important for advisors to know, that is not provided elsewhere in this form?
  18. Please describe how COVID-19 has impacted your pathway to medical school or another health professions program. Items to consider incorporating in your response may include but are not limited to:
  • Academic: Were there grading policies out of your control? Were you able to interact with your professors? Did you have to leave an academic program stateside or abroad? Did your MCAT exam get cancelled, delayed? Other academic barriers?
  • Professional: Did you hold a job? Did have to go out and seek new job opportunities? Did you lose a job? Other financial or professional barriers that you faced?
  • Personal: Did you have to move out of a house or dorm? Did you have to cancel travel plans? Did you modify your planned experiences related to healthcare or volunteer opportunities? Did you seek out volunteer opportunities that arose?