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Can your organization benefit from Yale’s Summer Experience Award?

Do you represent a non-profit or government agency? Maybe you have an internship position in the arts or research? The Summer Experience Award could support a student taking on an unpaid or underpaid summer internship.

What is the Summer Experience Award (SEA)?

The SEA provides a stipend of $4,000 to Yale College students (first-years, sophomores, and juniors) on financial aid who have secured an approved unpaid or underfunded ($2,000 or less) summer internship in the United States that falls into one of the following areas: a 501(c)(3) nonprofit; a government entity; a non-governmental organization (NGO); Arts Apprenticeship; a research opportunity.

How do I participate? All opportunities must come from one of the following areas:

  • Certified 501(c)(3) Nonprofit, including a nonprofit University or NGO that can be confirmed on Guidestar.
  • Local, state, federal, or tribal government, including public Universities. Note: political campaigns are not eligible.
  • Arts Apprenticeship, a mentoring relationship with an artist/creator in visual arts, theater and performance arts, creative writing, architecture and design, music, film making, or media arts.
  • Science, Laboratory, or Other Research, a mentoring relationship with a faculty member at a public or nonprofit University, including Yale, or other nonprofit or public entity.

Next Steps:

  1. Prepare the internship job description.
    • Tips for writing an engaging job description
    • Must be 8 or more weeks, at least 30 hours per week
    • Organization must meet criteria: 501(c)(3) nonprofit; a government entity; a non-governmental organization (NGO); Arts Apprenticeship; a research opportunity.
    • Indicate that the position is UNPAID or Underfunded positions ($2000 or less).
    • The position must have a dedicated supervisor.
    • IF the position meets the above requirements you can include “This position may qualify for eligible students who choose to use their Summer Experience Award (SEA)” in the job description.
    • While all Yale students are not eligible for the SEA, they can apply to receive funding for unpaid internships through other Yale fellowships. By posting your position in Yale Career Link, all Yale College students can view your position and then determine their approach to obtaining funding.
  2. Post position in Yale Career Link – click here for How-To guide
    • Nonprofit, government employers and arts apprenticeships can post at no charge.
    • Yale alumni and parents of Yale students can also post at no cost. See also Preferred Yale Partners.
    • Unauthorized Language/practices:
      • Do not include: “students must use their SEA award”
      • Do not include: “only Summer Experience Award (SEA) eligible students may apply” 
      • Do not ask students if they are SEA eligible or use that knowledge to select or eliminate candidates
  3. Consider hosting an information session or coffee chats session (in-person or virtually)
  4. Attend an upcoming networking event/career fair
  5. Review applications and conduct interviews for qualified candidates
  6. Select, offer, and hire intern(s).
  7. Complete the supervisor authorization form when prompted by the student.

Key Dates

Dec. 1, 2023Summer Experience Award application opens for students
Feb. 1, 2024Recommended deadline to post job descriptions in Yale Career Link
*Yale students tend to apply to SEA related opportunities in February so your posting is more likely to receive applications if you post sometime in February.
April 1, 2024Deadline for host organizations to submit job postings in Yale Career Link
May 1, 2024Final deadline for all student applications & materials

What actions or work is required of supervisors?

  • Complete the Host Organization Verification form when prompted by the student.

For questions, please contact:

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