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Attracting Yale Talent

Many organizations have enjoyed great success in attracting Yale talent as a result of posting in our password protected job database Yale Career Link, powered by Symplicity. Through this system, employers can advertise opportunities to students and alumni of Yale College, the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences and the Postdoctoral scholars.


Navigating the Job Posting System

  1. Log in at Yale Career Link
  2. If you have not previously used the system, select “Register” on the home page.
  3. Once your registration is approved by our office, you will be able to post jobs and internships directly to the system.
  4. Upon logging in, go to ‘Create Job Posting’, found under the ‘Job Postings’ header on the bottom right of your homepage.
  5. Follow the prompted instructions and please be thorough when submitting information for the position.

All job and internship postings are subject to approval.  Note that we do not accept postings from third party recruiters.  For questions, please email 

Job Posting Fees

Employers wishing to post full-time jobs, or internship opportunities, are charged a nominal fee, as follows:

  • For profit organizations will be charged $30 per each posting.
  • Nonprofit, government organizations and NGOs can post at no charge.

Tip: Please note these job posting fees directly benefit our students as a key funding source for the Travel Reimbursement Fund, which assists students traveling for arts auditions, interviews with non-profit and government organizations, and on-site graduate school interviews.  

Offer Guidelines

The following guidelines have been created to balance the needs of students and employers. These guidelines apply to all employers, on or off campus, interviewing Yale University students.

Yale’s Office of Career Strategy recommends that employers provide Yale students four (4) weeks to decide on an internship or full-time offer. Employers are encouraged to consider reasonable requests for additional time on a case by case basis.

Every effort should be made to accommodate candidates’ class schedules.  Students should not be asked to cancel a first-round interview to make a second-round interview.  One or more alternative dates should be offered to students for second round interviews.  

We suggest that all employers extend offers in writing, and strongly encourage all students to accept or decline in writing.

OCS does not allow the use of exploding offers. An "exploding offer" refers to any condition that places undue pressure on the student to accept early, or offers incentives to induce students to accept offers early, such as diminishing bonuses and location preferences.

Point: Public Service/Public Interest Exception: Candidates may request that an employer extend the deadline to accept the employer's offer until as late as April 1 if the candidate is actively pursuing positions with public interest, government organizations or a national fellowship award.  Candidates may hold open only one offer in such circumstances.  Employers are encouraged to grant such requests.

iNet Internship Network

The iNet Internship Network is an internship listing shared by eleven selective universities, including Yale University.  All internship listings through iNet are available to Yale students and those at the other participating schools (Duke University, Georgetown University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University, Northwestern University, Rice University, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, & University of Southern California). Create an account to post internship opportunities to iNet.

Nondiscrimination Policy

Yale University is committed to a policy against discrimination based upon age, color, handicap or disability, ethnic or national origin, race, religion, religious creed, gender (including discrimination taking the form of sexual harassment), marital, parental or veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or the prejudice of clients. All employers using the services of the Office of Career Strategy, including interview programs and online job postings, are required to abide by this policy.

Yale Career Link