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Developing a Meaningful Definition of Success

Yale’s combination of broad interdisciplinary study with depth of knowledge in a chosen major ensures that our undergraduates are professionally prepared in a way that transcends expertise in a given field. No matter their major, our students gain the critical thinking skills, the creativity, the communicative capacity, and the flexibility necessary to succeed in any career, anywhere in the world.

Our students possess a diverse range of career interests which can be seen in the most recent First Destination Report which summarizes the plans of graduates six months after graduation. Yale graduate students, who hail from every state in the US and from around the world, pursue programs leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree, or a terminal master's degree.

But Yale does not simply prepare its graduates to succeed. A Yale education encourages students to develop a meaningful definition of success. Our students value both personal accomplishment and public service. They combine an entrepreneurial spirit with social responsibility, and they link individual advancement to social progress.

Tip: Yale University is a large research university with a wide array of programs, departments, schools, centers, museums, and many affiliated organizations. Explore our university statistics in our Yale fact sheet. For even more information about our students and the university visit the Office of Institutional Research.